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Sunderban Jharkali, Bonnie Camp and Kalash Deep 
(1N Resort and 1N Boat Package)

Jharkali 3N 4D Package
Tour packages in the Sundarbans are entirely dependent upon the timings of the tides. The itinerary timings and schedules mentioned here are mere indicative and the actual schedule may change accordingly to suit the tides. 

Day 01: Kolkata to Jharkhali, the new Gateway to the Sundarbans National Park. 

Pickup from Kolkata at 08:30 hrs and drive for about 3 to 3:30 hrs (106 Kms) to reach Jharkhali, the new projected Gateway to the Sundarbans.

Situated on the West, North West of the Sunderbans Tiger Reserve, Jharkhali is emerging as a favourite among tourists intending to visit the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve because of its vantage location to explore the World’s largest Mangrove Forest. The vast expanse of the rivers Matla, Herobhanga and Bidyadhari add an aura of awe and mystery to the place.

Board the waiting boat form the Jharkhali jetty and start your journey to the lesser visited attractions of Sundarbans, the Sundarkathi Wild Life Watch Tower and the Kalash Deep Beach (A protected beach).

The journey would be down the River Matla to its mouth at the Bay of Bengal where the Kalash beach is situated. The beach at Kalash is craved because it is to the extreme south of the Sundarban and provides visitors with an open view of the Bay of Bengal. Also the protected beaches of Haldibari and Chaimari are located opposite the Kalash beach.

Reach Kalashdeep in about 6 hrs and anchor for the night there. Spend the night on the boat 

Word of caution: 

Preferably travel in a Six Cylinder Boat which adheres to basic safety measures with sufficient number of Life Jackets, Life buoys etc, as smaller boats would be subject to lot of tossing and rolling.

As is the rule, no one is allowed to get down at Kalash Beach and one has to enjoy the beauty of the beach from the boat itself.

Breakfast (Yes, packed at Kolkata) Lunch (Yes) Dinner (Yes)

Day 02: Sundarkati Wild Life Watch Tower and Bonnie Camp

We start around 6:00 hrs and depart for the Sundarkathi Wild Life Watch Tower. The view from the Sundarkathi watch Tower fills one with admiration besides giving one the only chance to step out of the boat during the entire day’s trip.

Thereafter we move on towards the Bonnie Camp watch Tower. Bonnie Camp is one of the most beautiful watchtowers in the Sundarbans. This watchtower, 50 feet high, is the highest watchtower in the Sundarbans. It generally takes around 03 hrs to reach from Jharkhali.

Like all other watchtowers of Sundarbans, there is a sweet-water pond where the wild animals of Sundarbans frequent throughout the day.

The aerial view of the forest from the top the watchtower at Bonnie Camp is absolutely fabulous and one gets the feeling of being marooned on a desolate island. The vastness of the forest from the watchtower crisscrossed with rivulets and creeks all around is a treat for the eyes.

Watchtower Close Time: 16:00 hrs.
Return to Jharkhali enjoying the sunset on the river Matla and check-in to your hotel. Rest of the evening is at leisure.

Breakfast (Yes) Lunch (Yes) Dinner (Yes)

Day 03: Jharkhali to Kolkata

In the morning, visit the Jarkhali Mangrove Ecological Garden and the Jharkhali watch tower. There is also a Picnic spot at Jharkhali which one can explore.

Checkout from the hotel at 11:00 hrs and return to Kolkata. Your rendezvous with the world’s largest mangrove forest ends here. Tour ends with sweet memories.

Breakfast (Yes) Lunch (Yes) Dinner (No)
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